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“Nobby analyzed the existing systems and drew up working plans and detailed instructions for the ships crew to follow. He then oversaw the complete rebuilding of the electrical, pumping and hydraulic systems. His knowledge of engine rooms and sources for equipment have been invaluable allowing considerable savings during our refit.” 
Captain Brad Ives, SV Kwai 

I have never actually met Nobby, but I have seen and benefited from his work. I was employed as Second Mate/Engineer last year aboard the tall ship Highlander Sea in Port Huron, MI. Several years back, the ship underwent a total refit and Nobby was in charge of the engineering design - Engines, generators, fresh and waste water systems, electrics, etc. I have served aboard quite a number of ships all over the US and Caribbean during the last 12 years and I can tell you that the engineering design on nearly all of them was an afterthought at best. I knew nothing about Highlander Sea when I signed on and was expecting to find the usual assortment of cobbled up, sub-standard systems onboard her. When I arrived I was blown away by her systems - Well thought out, properly sized, well documented and easy to maintain. What struck me most was the simplicity and efficiency of the design - no extraneous Bluetooth-enabled, four-color digital readout panels with Dolby stereo audio alerts as seems to be the trend these days. Just good, reliable, status-at-a-glance design and operation. Nobby's planning and foresight made me look good as an engineer as there were no major problems throughout the season, which is nearly unheard of onboard traditionally rigged sailing vessels!
2nd Mate/Engineer Matt Heffron, SV Highlander Sea

“Nobby was an integral part of the Picton Castle’s original conversion. He solved problems daily and once at sea was always extremely resourceful. When working with Nobby I always know that he is working in the ship’s best interests both short term and long term. Nobby is dedicated to the best solution for machinery issues as they serve the ship. I have no hesitation in recommending Nobby to any vessel or organization that depends on their engine to carry out their mission.” 
Captain Daniel D Moreland, SV Picton Castle

“We couldn't be happier with the electrical system that Nobby designed and installed for us aboard the Wanderbird. All of our work in the restoration of our North Sea Trawler was carried out in a first class manner and Nobby's was no exception. We do almost all of our work ourselves but when it comes to our electrical system...Nobby is our man!” 
Captains Rick and Karen Miles,  SV Wanderbird 

“The Highlander Sea's engineering systems are like most other sail training vessels, the result of well meaning evolution.  Nobby Peers brought considerable experience and  an understanding of the traditional sailing dynamic to bear in the redesigning of our systems. I believe he has done great service to the short and long term life of this vessel.” 
Captain Micah Allnutt,  SV Highlander Sea  
Whitworth Marine Services LLC
Patchogue Village
New York